The made-to-measure production of timber windows makes it possible to combine modern workmanship with the beauty of old styles, for reconstructions or particular projects

" />The made-to-measure production of timber windows makes it possible to combine modern workmanship with the beauty of old styles, for reconstructions or particular projects

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Modern timber windows, made in old styles: combining contemporary technology with a classic look

Timber windows capable of combining the performance of today's manufacturing methods with the beauty of old styles of immense value: everything is possible with prestigious bespoke windows from the Atelier line. And this includes shaping and creating unique product lines, whose great aesthetic appeal and technical complexity do not give up on the benefits of modern technology.

Modern timber windows, made in old styles
Modern timber windows, made in old styles


Give a new lease of life to the timber windows of historic buildings, while retaining their original style

Within the scope of an architectural complex, the importance of its windows cannot be underestimated: this is true both for modern and for older buildings. Retaining its original style is essential, even when extraordinary renovation work is necessary

Window frames are a key fixture of historic buildings, contributing to define their character and visual impact as a whole. Sadly, when old timber windows are in particularly bad shape due to wear and tear, or they must be replaced by better-performing fixtures, the existing ones must be overhauled: respecting their original style and features is a fundamental aspect to bear in mind when intervening on villas or buildings with a high historical or artistic value.

It is not enough to think of timber windows as having the highest requirements regarding functionality and strength: the aesthetic impact - all the more so when it comes to classic buildings - is an essential aspect of any intervention. And it is here that craftsmanship comes into play, supported by the most modern technologies

From this point of view, manual craftsmanship is an irreplaceable added value, even in the case of utterly modern production lines.

Providing a space for custom-made productions, which enhance know-how and traditional artisan skills handed down over decades of professional experience, while supported by the most modern technologies, means being able to offer a service capable of successfully meeting even the most daring challenges: this is how modern timber windows can be retrofitted with the beauty of old styles, without having to forgo or compromise on quality.

Timber windows with high technologies
Timber windows with high technologies

Atelier: custom-made timber windows akin to a work of art

The Atelier line was created to cater to special demands, e.g. to give a new lease of life to modern timber windows inspired by old styles: please welcome the prestigious bespoke window akin to a work of art

Atelier is an exclusive range among our timber window product lines: we love to say that this prestigious bespoke window stands out from the rest thanks to the artistic workmanship of master craftsmen. In this way we create veritable masterpieces capable of blending into the most diverse interiors and different architectural styles.

Creating tailor-made fixtures of historical value does not mean having to compromise on quality and performance levels that modern technology can provide: the answer that we seek lies indeed in the artisan know-how, combined with cutting-edge manufacturing methods.

The Atelier timber windows are unique pieces designed to become an integral part of that particular building, be it an apartment in a historic town center, a classic villa or any other project that needs a tailor-made approach given its peculiar architectural features.

Timber windows become art works
Timber windows become art works

A strong partnership with our customers: this is how unique timber windows are made

When it comes to custom-made windows, partnership with our customers, always an important aspect, becomes paramount: to create a timber window frame that fully adheres to the characteristics of the historic building in which it must be installed, while at the same time guaranteeing the highest levels of performance, is in fact the result of precious teamwork effort. Understanding the needs of the client or architect, combined with the professional expertise of a specialized and highly experienced outfit, is the key to creating timber  windows to match the most beautiful villas in the world, whatever the historical era they belong to.

The secret of these prestigious tailor-made windows lies in their productive flexibility and they way they enhance the craftsmanship skills of Made in Italy manufacturing prowess: the goal of PB Finestre is always to provide non-standardized solutions, but rather products that can satisfy every need of our customers, while remaining solidly compliant with efficient and well-structured industrial processes. For this reason, our facility could not miss out on a production area reserved exclusively for special manufacturing processes, where these tailor-made masterpieces are crafted on a day-to-day basis.

Custom-made timber windows
Custom-made timber windows