An apartment in the center of New York City, on 5th Avenue: this is how timber windows were decisive for noise abatement

Imagine the center of New York City, with its never-ending hustle and bustle. Imagine 5th Avenue, with its endless tailback of cars and taxis at any time of day or night. And now think of a downtown hotel whose windows overlook this lively, but noisy spectacle. How can we achieve effective acoustic insulation?

Timber windows for noise abatement in New York City
Timber windows for noise abatement in New York City


A noise abatement challenge for timber windows

The center of New York is famous for many reasons: the endless road traffic at all hours is one of its defining features. How can we ensure effective acoustic insulation? One way is through bespoke timber windows

It is enough to utter the name of New York City, to bring to mind the glitter of skyscrapers, the countless lit-up windows, the hustle and bustle of city life both day and night, the endless tailback of cars and the yellow glow of taxis. A splendid spectacle, but ... noisy beyond description! So how can we provide the guests of a central hotel on 5th Avenue with the peace and quiet they crave? Our answer isquality timber windows, decades of experience and plenty of creativity.

A 50 decibel noise reduction: achieving significant noise reduction for the windows of a central NYC hotel was a real acoustic challenge, that required quality materials, experience and the ability to think outside the box.

We have already spoken about the excellent acoustic performance of timber windows [link to article 001], thanks to the properties of the material and its effectiveness in dampening sound and contrasting the propagation of sound waves. In this case it was not just a question of achieving a 50 decibel acoustic reduction: the building's location and historical significance meant that a number of architectural conditions had to be respected.

Timber windows for noise abatement in New York City
Timber windows for noise abatement in New York City

Performance and design: bespoke timber windows for exceptional aesthetics

The need for noise abatement goes hand in hand with architectural requirements: precise aesthetic standards had to be adhered to in order to guarantee the building's compliance with its historicity

As often happens, the challenge ahead was both technical and aesthetic: in the case of the NYC hotel, its windows were the typical double hung sash windows, made of one or more movable panels ("sashes"), but at the same time we knew from experience that swing windows are the best-performing in terms of soundproofing and acoustic insulation.

The challenge ahead was both technical and aesthetic: the target was to achieve a 50 decibel noise reduction with timber windows made to look like the original double hung sash windows


The solution? Simulate the double hung - in full respect of the original facade - thanks to a studied combination of a fixed wooden window and a drop-down door, combined with a glass with 50 decibel noise reduction certification. Thus the aesthetic saves and, when the windows are closed, all the noises of the city are removed with them.

Timber windows for noise abatement in New York City
Timber windows for noise abatement in New York City

Bespoke windows to overcome any aesthetic and functional limitations

Flexibility in bespoke window making allows you to successfully overcome technical limitations that may seem insurmountable

The same project often poses challenges of both an architectural and technical nature, placing limitations on design and construction that at first sight seem insurmountable: at this stage the quality of workmanship and technical know-how come into play, but the real distinguishing features of a company like PB Finestre are the professional experience gained in hundreds of construction sites and its remarkable flexible manufacturing system.

In our manufacturing of bespoke windows we apply flexibility to our design and production processes so that each project can be tackled in the best possible way, even working closely with architects involved in the design of new buildings or renovation of existing ones. We are in the business of accepting challenges. And of winning them.

Timber windows for acoustic insulation in New York City
Timber windows for acoustic insulation in New York City