A technical and design challenge: large timber windows custom-made for a villa in Doha, Qatar. Aesthetics and functionality break down the boundaries

" />A technical and design challenge: large timber windows custom-made for a villa in Doha, Qatar. Aesthetics and functionality break down the boundaries

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Doha, Qatar: custom-made large timber windows, a technical and aesthetic challenge

What is the best soltion for large-scale buildings, erected according to majestic architectural standards and featuring large openings? Clearly, the answer is to design, manufacture and install large custom-made windows that will match the high aesthetic standards of the building, while at the same time guaranteeing much needed modern functionality. We did it in Doha, and it was a great challenge.

large timber windows
large timber windows


Majestic style, modern functionality: the large timber windows for the Doha villa

A villa in Doha, Qatar, in which a majestic architectural style is characterized by broad openings with unusual shapes: the creation of large timber windows represents a technical, engineering and aesthetic challenge

Large-sized custom-made windows, up to five meters high, consisting of one openable section and four fixed sections: these are important numbers for a project that combines modern functionality, complex technical features and majestic architectural standards, inspired by Baroque influences. The design and production of the windows and frames for this villa in Doha, Qatar, represented an important challenge in terms of engineering and aesthetics alike.

The challenge hinged upon three aspects in particular: the large size of the windows, the aesthetic features of the building, with its majestic and elegant shapes, and the technical specifications designed to guarantee modern functionality as well as optimum performance, while maintaining a classic and context-appropriate appearance. The choice fell upon a custom-designed timber-aluminum window.

Having combined all the required specifications, it was clear that the most suitable choice in terms of size and design was a custom-made timber-aluminum window. Ensuring the perfect functionality and the durability of French windows of such size actually involved carrying out a special study and implementing a made-to-measure design project.

A unique project, consisting of special hardware for large windows

In addition to the baroque-influenced profiles and the classically-inspired aesthetics, these large windows also feature special fixtures to ensure stability and resilience of the custom-built window frames

First of all, the style at the heart of the building was taken into careful consideration: the villa boasted quite extraordinary architectural features, so whatever the chosen solution it would necessarily have to blend perfectly into the environment. The client's request was aimed at a range of different types of windows and frames, but it became clear that the greatest challenge would revolve around the exceptionally large windows, which had to be built in full compliance with the villa's original design, while at the same time guaranteeing seamless functionality.

In view of all this, PB Finestre's technical department, aided by the expertise of freelance architect, set to work to come up with the ideal solution from all points of view: among the measures adopted to achieve the desired result, one should add the adoption of special fixtures to allow such exceptionally large windows to meet the standards of safety, stability and durability over time, given that they are subject to intense mechanical stress.

Large custom-made windows: the importance of a dedicated team

Among its many company departments, PB Finestre boasts a team dedicated to special projects, such as large custom-sized windows: this is how we combine unrivalled production flexibility with outstanding quality

How did we managed to make large windows of this impressive size? The answer lies solely in the techanical expertise of PB Finestre's inhouse engineering team entirely focussed on special work processes. Ours is a highly-specialized unit, dedicated to those projects that require customized solutions in design as well as in technical implementation, ranging from windows inspired by old-fashioned styles or designed to replicate originals from long ago, to windows (such as the large ones in question) that present a particularly complex set of technical hurdles.

The team at the heart of the so-called Atelier Line, which deals with the special manufacturing processes at PB Finestre, ensures that it is possible to combine the characteristics of top-notch craftsmanship with the precision and performance levels offered by a technologically advanced and quality-controlled industrial system: this is how highly customized design and manufacturing projects - such as the one involving the making of large windows - come into being.

The beauty of the design project that has come to fruition is for all to see: a perfect marriage of shapes, sizes, and colors, which the eye of the beholder cannot stop marveling at. The overall harmony lies precisely in the interplay of all the elements, including the windows that play a highly important part in the whole ensemble. But whereas beauty is the main feature to stand out, at a closer look a world of technical solutions, craftsmanlike skills and innovative technology open up behind each creation.